Security services

Security services

archorVIP Close Protection Service

Contemporary tredns prove that vast majority of entreprises make a common mistake by caring too little over such vital qualities as skills and background training of hirees delivering security services. In contrast, CENTER-A is proud of its employees who have the best professional training to allow you to feel safe regardless of the situation. 

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VIP Close Protection Service
Armed vehicle rental

archorArmed vehicle rental

In case you prefer to have the most valued items transported by someone you trust, we have a solution for you. CENTER-A offers armed vehicle rental to make sure that both your peer and item are safe and well protected. 

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archorSecurity monitoring service and emergency button

A must-have security solution for every household to have it protected even during the most vulnerable time - when you are away. CENTER-A provides the instalattion and set-up of the security device as well as the top immediate response unit to serve at its best 24/7.

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Security monitoring service and emergency button
Area security and access control

archorArea security and access control

To ensure the safety of the enterprise at the highest level, it is necessary to have specially trained unit. Center-A employees not only carefully monitor the area 24/7, but are also prepared for any scenario, including the prevention of theft, hacking etc.

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archorTransportation of tangible assets and papers / cargo escort

Who should you trust in case a carrier is not able to meet your security requirements during transportation? What if the same carrier denies transporting your items at all (for whatever reason)? CENTER-A is the service you should refer to in such instances. We offer transportation of tangible assets and papers as well as cargo escort at any level. 

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Transportation of tangible assets and papers / cargo escort
Event security

archorEvent security

What could be more important than having a situation under control when it comes down to mass events? Especially, when it runs into the most insane and bizarre cases imaginable. Nevertheless, the highly professional CENTER-A crew will make sure that everything is right under control. 

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