Security consulting

Security consulting

Security system installation

Security system would prevent any illegal attempt of interference by intruders and violators


CCTV installation

Installation and setup of CCTV cameras around your area would give you an access to observe law violations


Protection from unauthorized surveillance

Would safe your premises from undesired intrudance via hacking audio and video devices.


Corporate check and investigation

Would make sure your employees do not exceed their responsibilities.


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Security consulting
Security consulting


Close protection officers and security resources recruitment

A professional approach would limit amount of unqualified resources responsible for your safety.


Security transalator

A professional with conprehensive knowledge and industry insight in multiple languages.


Gear supply

Top quality gear and equipment would fully reveal true potential of your security forces.


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Cyber security and information safety

Nowadays, a mandatory measure to protect private data and funds from robbery.


Security systems audit

A range of testing to determine the liqudity of the current security system.


Contractors check

A nacessary step when it comes to partnership and merging.


Consulting and risks analysis

Would allow you to take the most appropriate and relevant manager decision.


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Security consulting

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