International Practical Shooting Confederation Seminar

International Practical Shooting Confederation Seminar

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International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) are the one and only active shooting organization in Ukraine that regularly hosts various shooting activities such as competitions, trainings, courses and much more.

archorWhat's the purpose of seminars?

  • To provide an overview of the latest updates and techniques of safe weapon handling
  • To be able to receive the top skills on safe weapon handling
  • To work out and improve your skillset
  • To exchange and network with peers and international experts
  • To participate in competitions, trainings and educational courses 
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archorWhat is in the agenda of the seminar?

IPSC seminar includes theoretical and practical blocks.

Theoretical block (3 hours): discussion of the rules, requirements, IPSC history and competition participation.

Practical block (4 hours): introduction to basics of safe weapon handling. 

Total length of the seminar: 8 hours.

Please be advised that testing of the obtained knowledge and skills will be conducted. 

Instructor: Vadym Koval (Instructor at IPSC and IROA referee)


- A filled out IPSC registration form

- The hard copy of the weapon permit.



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