Weapon Handling

Weapon Handling

An individual with a Weapon Handling certificate is able to identify threat and apply weapon properly in order to protect oneself from an assault, which may take place: outdoors, indoors, within the city area, with a cover as well as with obstacles towards the target etc. 

To educate highly qualified concious weapon operators, CENTER-A offers the following courses: 

  • Weapon handling workshop
  • IPSC Handgun Seminar
  • Handgun, Protective: Intensive
  • Handgun, Protective: Level 1
  • Handgun, Protective: Level 2
  • Handgun, Protective: Level 3
  • IPSC Rifle Seminar
  • Rifle, Protective: Intensive
  • Rifle, Protective: Level 1
  • Rifle, Protective: Level 2
  • Rifle, Protective: Level 3

archor Training programs in the direction “Weapon Handling”

Weekend course: pistol

Weekend course: pistol

September 25 and 26 (Saturday-Sunday) from 9:00 to 15:00., "Center-A" conducts a course on safe handling with a pistol. The course consists of 6 lessons.

Weekend course: smoothbore weapons

Weekend course: smoothbore weapons

On November 6 and 7 (Saturday-Sunday) from 9:00 to 15:00 "Center-A" conducts a course on handling smooth-bore weapons.


Course start

06 11.21


2 days


4 places


9500 uah
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