Close Protection Operative VIP+1

Close Protection Operative VIP+1

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archorClose Protection Operative VIP+1

We announce a set for a ten-day course Сlose Protection Qperative VIP + 1 from 06.1120 to 15.11.20, taught using theoretical and practical exercises.  Classes are held in the classroom, gym, shooting range and in urban conditions using the equipment and facilities of the Center.  Accommodation and meals are included in the price.  The training course for bodyguards and security officers is based on the requirements of the world-renowned British agency SIA, and the adaptation of Ukrainian reactions.  Upon successful completion of the training, graduates will receive a diploma of the Training Center of the established standard and a Certificate of the state standard of obtaining a qualification for the profession "Security Guard".  All instructors of the Training Center are professionals, world-class athletes, veterans of special forces and employees of personal security groups with many years of experience.

archorCourse content Сlose Protection Operative VIР +

  • The role and responsibilities of a personal security officer
  • Threats and risk assessment, operational analysis
  • Operational, perspective and episodic planning   
  • Strategy, tactics, personal protection techniques
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance 
  • Professional ethics in the work of a bodyguard
  • Occasional activities: organization and provision 
  • Near and far surroundings of the person being protected
  •  Methods of group organization of pedestrian support 
  • Schemes of providing meetings - from driving of the person who guards 
  • Actions in a complex operational environment
  •  Organization of movement of the protected person
  •  Information.  Methods of obtaining and analysis 
  • Technical means of protection (home and office)
  • Explosive devices, actions at detection
  • Methods and means of communication
  •  Professional equipment:
  •  Accompaniment of the guarded person by car
  • Planning and working out of routes, navigation
  •  Tactical medicine
  •  Repulse of an armed / unarmed attack
  •   Legal aspects of personal security work
  •  Interpersonal skills and teamwork
  •  Conflict situations and incident management
  •  Special fire training

 Requirements for candidates

  • Age - from 18 years
  • Lack of medical contraindications to physical activity 
  • Certificate of no criminal record 
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  • Tactics of personal protection. 
  • individual fire training handgun. 
  • Theory of personal protection. 
  • Special engineering trainer. 
  • Legal training. 
  • Conflictology
  • VIP escort on foot
  • Observation counter-observation
  • Paramedicine BLS

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