"Center-A" introduced a new service - remote security
20 November 2020

"Center-A" introduced a new service - remote security

International Center for Professional Training "Center-A" offers another type of service - remote security of apartments, houses and other facilities.


Security company "Center-A" has combined many years of professional experience and the latest technologies to effectively and efficiently protect your property from theft, fire, leakage of water, gas and other hazards. We guarantee high-quality monitoring of objects and instant response to the alarm! Experts closely monitor the quality of equipment used by customers, so you will not have to worry about whether your system works - it always works! 


Also, customers have a flexible system of discounts on equipment for security and maintenance of the object. Security company "Center-A" was created to provide one of the basic human needs - a sense of security. After all, we are MORE THAN SECURITY!


You can get more detailed information about the services of our company by calling: +38 (068) 911 0002

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