Underground shooting-training complex

One of the elements of our training center is an underground shooting-training complex with exclusive opportunities for our region. Total area – 1500m2. It consists of two separated galleries 50m and 100m length. The complex is equipped with air conditioning system which provides all-season maintenance of the temperature + 18-22C, active ventilation and airing shooting zones. The training zones are equipped with special lighting system. Main bullet keeper designed for using ammunition to .338LM inclusive.

A separate zone is provided for practicing tactics, using simulators of vehicles and the layout of the building. The layout of the building has the ability to quickly change the shape and size of corridors and rooms, provided the change of door opening. The zone is equipped with pyrotechnic simulators of return fire, mobile bullet keeper, remotely controlled target system.

Realism at the lessons of fire training is achieved by including the vehicles in the practiced scripts.

There is the possibility of delivery in the underground shooting-training complex of additional large-scale equipment and technology through technological holes.